h o m e    i n f o    ?
e + a
22 + 22
we share this blog
we live together in our apartment, with our cats
In love

Been best friends for ten years
Been dating for two

Anything else you'd like to know, ask

I’m Alive good night

shit wbatsnw

as do ally

jsyk if ur a daddy and want to fuck i’m here and am very drunk

so glad i’m onto my third bottle
of wine

should i kms y/n

we have 1 followr and it’s ur dad and he fucked me

guess how many followers we have



hey cryism ILy and i want to be friends

ily too and we’re already friends

thank u

hey cryism ILy and i want to be friends

thanks for the asks and the concern it’s ok everything has its place and mine is in the ground

what does dsl mean

y’all i love gabi @browngxrl ok bye

stfu who-